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Case Studies & Awards

Here at OTC, we've gathered together a series of downloads which we hope you find useful; ranging from security solutions to managed print services and product awards, our team of printer experts believe that this is the information you need to help you make informed decisions. 

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vodaphone case study

Managed Print Services - Vodafone Retail Case Study

Find out how Lexmark MFPs helped leading mobile phone company Vodafone Retail to cut in-store print costs by 25% and boost sales through local marketing initiatives.

dsgi international plc case study

Managed Print Services - DGSi Case Study

DSGi owns some of the UK’s best known brands including PC World, Currys and Find out how Lexmark helps DSGi to further reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

tesco case study

Managed Print Services - Tesco Case Study

Find out how the UK supermarket giant  is working with Lexmark  to deliver measurable  improvements in operational efficiency within its stores, enabling staff to focus on  delivering the best customer experience.

buyers lab 2013 line of the year

Awards - Lexmark 2013 BLI Line of the Year 2013

Twice a year, Buyers Lab International presents it's "Pick" awards following exhaustive lab tests. The results of these tests provide the information that business owners & directors need to make informed decisions when choosing workflow solutions hardware.

lexmark case study

Manage Your Data Securely with Lexmark Printers & MFP's

When it comes to security, you need to ensure that you can securely manage network devices, protect them from hackers and physically defend the stored data. That’s why Lexmark have designed solutions-capable printers and MFPs to answer these needs.