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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we try at all times to explain industry terms in plain English, there are instances when certain unusual terms may appear. To help you understand some of these terms and to answer some of the common questions, we've compliled a list of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers.

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Are your prices cheaper online?

The prices we offer online and by telephone are exactly the same, we are confident that each product is priced at an extremely attractive rate so it's really down to your preference. The advantage of buying online is that you can shop when our offices may be closed, the systems we have in place online, mean that your order can be processed immediately.

Can finance or leasing be arranged online?

When you send an online enquiry for product leasing or finance, an experienced member of our team will contact you to gather further details. Using these details we will approach our lease/finance partners then illustrate the options to you.

Explain Yield for Toners?

Yield is the number of copies you are likley (in normal circumstances) to get from your toner cartridge - if you buy a 16k yield cartridge, you are likley to get 16000 copies from one cartridge but if you buy a 6k yield you are likley to only get 6000 copies.

Explain Cost per Copy?

For many people, this is a strange industry term. We use this to determine how cost effective a toner option is, it's really quite simple (once you get your head round it). If you are currently buying toner for your printer, the amount of toner used each time you make a copy will cost you a sum of money.

Example 1:
Let's imagine you currently pay £100 for a cartridge offering a 10k Yield (10,000 copies)
In this example; each time you make a copy it's costing you £0.01 (£100 divided by 10000 copies) Your cost per copy is therefore 1p

Example 2:
Imagine you can buy a £16kYield cartridge for £140, this looks more expensive but is it?
in this example; each time you make a copy, it's costing you £0.0875 (£140 divided by 16,000 copies) Your cost per copy is therefore 0.9p per copy when rounded up so you are saving 1p for every 10 copies you make.

This may not sound a lot but over a year if you make 30,000 prints, the 16k yield option will have saved £300.00 so it really is worth thinking about.

What are the Key Components of a Laser Printer?

There are a number of key components, some of which have limited life, to help you, we have put together an explanation detailing the function of the main components.