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Printer Finance Options

Here at Office Technology Corporation, our strong strategic partnerships with leading finance institutions enable us to offer a range of printer finance options for your business. Very competitive finance terms from one to five years are available are available on most Printers, MFD's and other equipment enabling you to purchase business critical equipment when you need it.

Printer Finance Options

Operating Leases

Many of our clients choose to lease long-term assets rather than buy them for a variety of reasons - the tax benefits are greater to the lessor than the lessees, leases offer more flexibility in terms of adjusting to changes in technology and capacity needs.

Corporate Leases

For corporate organisations, local authorities & government bodies, corporate lease options can be provided. Our team of printer experts will be delighted to discuss the most appropriate option for your organisation.

Standard Hire Purchase Agreements

You may wish to consider Hire Purchase if you don't want to pay the full ownership cost in advance. By spreading the cost over a 1 to 5 year term, with this printer finance option you can acquire essential equipment without the initial cost. A one-off payment fee at the end of the term is usually required to transfer ownership to you.

12 Month Interest Free

On certain stock models we are able to offer 12 months interest free terms. The range of products available under these terms is updated on a daily basis; for details of the updated list of models, please contact us.

Cost per Copy Contract

With this printer finance option we roll up the capital cost of equipment, servicing, consumables, parts labour and even travel to provide you with a cost per copy. The actual cost per copy of course will depend on usage and our team of printer experts will be delighted to discuss the best option for you.