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Printer Leasing

Many businesses now choose to lease their print equipment for the workplace; for most in the past, the only option was to simply buy machines outright but leasing now offers a cost-effective solution.

When you lease a printer you don't need to have your working capital tied up in technology, you can choose to free up valuable resources to invest elsewhere in your organisation. With OTC you can also rely on high quality printer maintenance as part of your leasing arrangement to reduce equipment downtime and maintain productivity.

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Printer Leasing Options

At OTC we work with a number of highly reputable leasing companies to offer flexible leasing options that will suit your exact business needs. Printer leasing has become a popular option with many firms with no initial outlay, simple upgrades available, integrated maintenance and repairs and many more benefits to suit your requirements:

Speed and efficiency

We have created a fast and efficient process for your printer leasing applications, so that in 90% of cases we have credit approved and contracts in place within a day. There is no need for you to have a lengthy meeting with us, you can do it all over the phone or by email!

Hassle free approach

Finance doesn't need to be difficult to administer. The companies we work with will remove the administrative burden and quickly organise the paperwork with suppliers and liaise with them through delivery and payment, which can be completed online.

The benefits of printer leasing

  • No major up-front costs
  • 100% Tax deductable
  • Leasing agreements running from 12 months up to and including a 60 month term
  • Fixed payments and easier budgeting
  • 100% Finance