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Lexmark RS-232C Serial Interface Card

Serial Interface Card
  • Serial Interface Card

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installs into the printer's internal port. It supports a standard RS-232C interface using a 25-pin D-shell female connector. For use with Lexmark printers that contain an open slot.

Part No.: 14F0100

Lexmark RS-232C Serial Interface Card

The RS-232C Serial Interface Card installs into the printer's internal port. It supports a standard RS-232C interface using a 25-pin D-shell female connector. For use with Lexmark printers that contain an open slot.

Configuration settings for the serial interface are available using the Serial Opt Menu from the printer's operator panel. Baud rates from 1200 to 115.2K are supported.

Baud rates:1200, 2400, 4800, 9600*, 19.2K, 38.4K, 57.6K and 115.2K; 7 bit or 8* data bits; Parity - Odd, Even, None*, Ignore; Start and Stop Bits; DSR/DTR Data Flow control with DTR pacing, DTR/DSR, XON/XOFF, XON/XOFF/DTR, or XON/XOFF/DTR/DSR flow control protocols. * indicates factory defaults

RS-422 is not supported.

Compatible with

Lexmark X736de
Lexmark X738de
Lexmark X734de
Lexmark X738dte
Lexmark X792de
Lexmark X792dte
Lexmark X925de
Lexmark X792dtfe
Lexmark X792dtme
Lexmark X792dtpe
Lexmark X792dtse
Lexmark XS796de
Lexmark XS796dte
Lexmark X950de
Lexmark X952de
Lexmark X954de
Lexmark XS955de
Lexmark XS950de
Lexmark X748de
Lexmark X925de
Lexmark X748dte
Lexmark X746de
Lexmark XS925de
Lexmark XS748de
Lexmark X950dhe
Lexmark X950dhe Statoil
Lexmark X792dte Statoil
Lexmark X651de
Lexmark X652de
Lexmark X654de
Lexmark X656de MFP
Lexmark X656dte
Lexmark X658dfe
Lexmark X658dme
Lexmark X658dtfe
Lexmark X658dtme
Lexmark X466de
Lexmark X464de
Lexmark X466dte
Lexmark X466dwe
Lexmark X463de
Lexmark X864de 4
Lexmark X862de 4
Lexmark X860de 4
Lexmark X860de 3
Lexmark X862de 3
Lexmark X864de 3
Lexmark XS654de
Lexmark XS658dfe
Lexmark XS658dme
Lexmark XS860de 4
Lexmark XS862de 4
Lexmark XS864de 4
Lexmark XS466de
Lexmark XS656dte
Lexmark MX812dfe
Lexmark MX812dpe
Lexmark MX812dxfe
Lexmark MX812dxpe
Lexmark MX812dme
Lexmark MX812dxme
Lexmark MX811dfe
Lexmark MX811dpe
Lexmark MX811dme
Lexmark MX811dxfe
Lexmark MX811dxpe
Lexmark MX811dxme
Lexmark MX810dfe
Lexmark MX810dpe
Lexmark MX810dme
Lexmark MX810dxfe
Lexmark MX810dxpe
Lexmark MX810dxme
Lexmark MX711de
Lexmark MX710de
Lexmark MX710dhe
Lexmark MX711dhe
Lexmark X654de Statoil
Lexmark X862de 4 Statoil
Lexmark XM5163
Lexmark XM5170
Lexmark XM7155
Lexmark XM7163
Lexmark XM7170
Lexmark XM7155x
Lexmark XM7163x
Lexmark XM7170x
Lexmark C734dn
Lexmark C736dn
Lexmark C736n
Lexmark C736dtn
Lexmark C734dtn
Lexmark C734n
Lexmark C734dw
Lexmark C792de
Lexmark C792dte
Lexmark C792e
Lexmark C792dhe
Lexmark CS796de
Lexmark C950de
Lexmark C748de
Lexmark C746dn
Lexmark C746dtn
Lexmark C748dte
Lexmark C746n
Lexmark C748e
Lexmark CS748de
Lexmark T654dn
Lexmark T652dn
Lexmark T650dn
Lexmark T654dtn
Lexmark T654n
Lexmark T652dtn
Lexmark T652n
Lexmark T650dtn
Lexmark T650n
Lexmark TS654dn
Lexmark W850n
Lexmark W850dn
Lexmark T656dne
Lexmark TS650n
Lexmark MS812de
Lexmark MS812dn
Lexmark MS810de
Lexmark MS811dn
Lexmark MS810dn
Lexmark MS812dtn
Lexmark MS810n
Lexmark MS811n
Lexmark MS810dtn
Lexmark MS811dtn
Lexmark M5155
Lexmark M5170
Lexmark M5163
Lexmark MS711dn

Packaged Size (in. - H x W x D)2.0 x 6.0 x 9.0
Packaged Size (mm - H x W x D)50.8 x 152 x 229 mm
Overpack Size (mm - H x W x D)397 x 452 x 562 mm
Quantity (Overpack)60
Overpack Weight (kg)10.62 kg
Packaged Weight (lb.)0.39 lbs.
Packaged Weight (kg)0.177 kg
UNSPSC Code43201559
Country of OriginUnited States