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Developer Units for Lexmark Machineslexmark printer accessoriesAt Office Technology Corporation online you can make your choice from a selection of Developer Units for Lexmark printers & MFDs. Developer Units for Lexmark Machines Developer Units for Develop Machinesdevelop printer accessoriesFor the Develop range of printers and Multi-Function Devices, Office Technology Corporation offers a selection of Developer Units. Developer Units for Develop Machines

Developer Units for Laser Printers

To apply toner to the electrostatic image on the drum, toner powder is stored in the toner hopper, the printer gathers the toner from the hopper with the developer unit. The "developer" is actually a collection of small, negatively charged magnetic beads. These beads are attached to a rotating metal roller, which moves them through the toner in the toner hopper.

Because they are negatively charged, the developer beads collect the positive toner particles as they pass through. The roller then brushes the beads past the drum assembly. The electrostatic image has a stronger negative charge than the developer beads, so the drum pulls the toner particles away.

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