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Lexmark Imaging Unitslexmark imaging unitsImaging Units should be purchased as soon as you are alerted by your printer. At OTC we recommend using original Lexmark products. Lexmark Imaging Units Develop Imaging Unitsdevelop imaging unitsAs a Premier dealer for Develop GmbH, OTC offer a choice of Imaging Units (Drums) for a wide range of Develop Document Printing Machines Develop Imaging Units

Imaging Units (Drums) for Laser Printers

To work effectively, Laser printers use a photoelectric effect, like a photocopier. A drum with a special coating (The Imaging Unit) is charged with a static charge, then the image is shone onto the drum. This is done by rotating the drum and pulsing the laser. A rotating mirror moves the beam across the imaging unit and the result is a raster like system, like a TV. Where the light hits, the charge is removed. Then, the dust-like toner is transferred to the drum and where there is charge, the dust sticks. It is then transferred from the drum to paper. The last step is fusing, where a heated roller melts the toner onto the page.

Here at Office Technology Corporation we offer an extesive range of Imaging units for Lexmark and Develop machines.

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