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C925de Colour Laser PrinterLexmark C925de Colour Laser Printer31/31ppm (B&W/Colour)

The affordable Lexmark C925de colour printer delivers outstanding A3 colour printing with a host of easy to use features.
C925dte Colour Laser PrinterLexmark C925dte Colour Laser Printer31/31ppm (B&W/Colour)

The Lexmark C925dte colour printer delivers outstanding A3 colour printing and incorporates easy-to-use features for great productivity.
XS925de All in One PrinterLexmark XS925de A3 Colour All in One Printer25ppm (A4, B&W/Colour)

Colour MFP, affordable A3, colour functionality for your busy workgroup through easy-to-use features, productivity solutions and a compact design.
C950de Colour Laser PrinterLexmark C950de A3 Colour Laser Printer50/50ppm (B&W/Colour)

Designed for your busy workgroup, the Lexmark C950de features professional quality A3 colour printing.
X952de All in One PrinterLexmark X952de All in One Printer50/45ppm (B&W/Colour)

Power up your office with the Lexmark X952de, A3 colour all in one printer featuring print speed up to 50 ppm.
X954de All in One PrinterLexmark X954de All in One Printer55/50ppm (B&W/Colour)

Power up your office and increase productivity with the Lexmark X954de, featuring high-performance A3 colour functionality.
X950dhe All in One PrinterLexmark X950dhe All in One Printer45/40ppm (B&W/Colour)

Elevate your productivity with the Lexmark X950dhe, A3 coulour all in one printer (MFD) featuring print speed up to 45 ppm.
XS950de All in One PrinterLexmark XS950de Colour MFP45ppm (A4, B&W/Colour)

Print speed up to 45 ppm, high-performance A3 colour functionality, flexible features, easy-to-use workflow solutions and advanced security
XS955de All in One PrinterLexmark XS955de A3 Colour MFP55/50ppm (A4, B&W/Colour)

Power up your office and increase productivity with high-performance A3 colour functionality. Incdudes advanced security and 2GB RAM.

Lexmark Colour A3 Printers

When choosing document printing solutions for your business, added versatility will be provided when you choose an A3 colour printer.

Office Technology Corporation offer great deals on a comprehesive range of Lexmark A3 Colour Printers.

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