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FollowMe® by Ringdale

The trusted solution for cost effective and secure printing

FollowMe® is the complete document output management solution which helps organisations reduce printing costs by up to 60%, protect valuable data, and optimise the efficiency of printing environments.

For many organisations waste from documents, left uncollected at the printer, can equate to 30% of all printing causing concern for revenue margins. By controlling waste and facilitating business process improvement, FollowMe helps organisations reduce costs and minimises the time required to manage printing environments.

Whether operating a printing environment or implementing a Managed Print Service (MPS) strategy, FollowMe provides all the tools for secure, cost effective office printing. As a highly scalable solution, FollowMe works with output device and requires little or no changes to the existing infrastructure.

Protect valuable data

  • Prevent confidential data from ending up in the wrong hands
  • Confidential printing for each user on shared printing devices
  • Minimise the risk of data loss with end-to-end network security

Reduce printing costs and save management time

  • Minimise waste by reducing unnecessary printing
  • Enforce economical print policies per user, department or enterprise wide
  • Automate manual tasks and reduce help desk support
  • Consolidate printer fleet

Increase user productivity with effortless mobile printing

  • Keep users productive whilst on the move
  • Print securely from any location, mobile phone or tablet device
  • Integrates with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud print

Keep track and remain compliant

  • Identify cost savings with visibility on costs per user, department or device
  • Recover print costs from departments or clients
  • Provides a full audit trail for compliance with industry regulations

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