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Lexmark Fleet Tracker

Lexmark Fleet Tracker will help you identify printing costs and usage throughout your business. Fleet Tracker will also manage devices, schedule maintenance tasks, automate supplies ordering, and can be integrated with other software to maximise business efficiencies.

The benefits for you are considerable:

  • By monitoring the usage of each printer , here at OTC we can see in advance when components will need to be replaced and ensure that the correct parts (and labour if required) are available exactly when you need them.
  • By monitoring toner levels we can accurately predict when toner is required; so rather than stockpiling expensive toner or running out, we can prompt you to place an order in good time. Of course if you have opted for a fully managed service we'll simply send supplies beforehand.
  • To help minimise the administrative burden, and ensure that all data is recorded & managed from one source, Fleet tracker is compatible with not only Lexmark machines but a vast range of printers & MFD's from all major print manufacturers.

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To contact us, please call 01228 819128 or contact us online with an overview of your business requirements; one of our specialists will call you to discuss solutions.

Components / Technical

  • Lexmark Fleet Tracker MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a server-based product that can be used to centrally manage and monitor thousands of devices in multiple locations. It also provides roll-up functionality by enabling full management of data provided by Lexmark Fleet Tracker, Lexmark Services Monitor and Lexmark Local Tracker.
  • Lexmark Services Monitor is PC-based and provides basic device discovery, meter collection and transmission, as well as alerts via e-mail or XML, and is designed for a network environment of up to 500 devices. It also can roll-up to Fleet Tracker MSP.
  • Embedded Lexmark Services Monitor (eLSM) can be installed on supported Lexmark MFPs, and will collect data on up to 100 devices.
  • Lexmark Fleet Tracker (Enterprise) is server-based and providers a similar level of functionality as MSP, but for a single site and with the ability to manage thousands of devices.
  • Lexmark Local Tracker is an add-on module to Lexmark Fleet Tracker that can be used to capture user and device information on networked and locally attached devices.
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